AEDGE: Atomic Experiment for Dark Matter and Gravity Exploration in Space

  title={AEDGE: Atomic Experiment for Dark Matter and Gravity Exploration in Space},
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  journal={EPJ Quantum Technology},
  • Yousef Abou El-Neaj, C. Alpigiani, +129 authors J. Zupan
  • Published 2019
  • Physics
  • EPJ Quantum Technology
  • We propose in this White Paper a concept for a space experiment using cold atoms to search for ultra-light dark matter, and to detect gravitational waves in the frequency range between the most sensitive ranges of LISA and the terrestrial LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA/INDIGO experiments. This interdisciplinary experiment, called Atomic Experiment for Dark Matter and Gravity Exploration (AEDGE), will also complement other planned searches for dark matter, and exploit synergies with other gravitational wave… CONTINUE READING

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    ELGAR -- a European Laboratory for Gravitation and Atom-interferometric Research
    The Bose-Einstein Condensate and Cold Atom Laboratory


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