ADiode-Laser-System for Laser-Assisted Bending of Brittle Materials

  title={ADiode-Laser-System for Laser-Assisted Bending of Brittle Materials},
  author={Ferdinand Bammer and Dieter Schu{\"o}cker and Thomas Schumi and Bernhard Holzinger and G. Humenberger},
We developed a small and compact system of diode lasers, which can be inserted into the lower tools of a bending press. The parts of the system allow easy plug and play operation and can be installed for any bending length. The diode laser, which is based on 200 W laser bars on microchannel cooler, allows the heating of sheet metals in the forming zone shortly before and during the bending process. There is no unnecessary heating of other parts of the bending equipment, no wear of the tool, and… CONTINUE READING