ADP is a vasodilator component from Lasiodora sp. mygalomorph spider venom.

  title={ADP is a vasodilator component from Lasiodora sp. mygalomorph spider venom.},
  author={Carolina Campolina Rebello Horta and B. Rezende and B{\'a}rbara Bruna Ribeiro Oliveira-Mendes and Anderson O Carmo and Luciano dos Santos Aggunn Capettini and J Francis Silva and Marco Tulio R Gomes and Carlos Ch{\'a}vez-Ol{\'o}rtegui and Catalina S. Bravo and Virg{\'i}nia Soares Lemos and Evanguedes Kalapothakis},
  journal={Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology},
Members of the spider genus Lasiodora are widely distributed in Brazil, where they are commonly known as caranguejeiras. Lasiodora spider venom is slightly harmful to humans. The bite of this spider causes local pain, edema and erythema. However, Lasiodora sp. spider venom may be a source of important pharmacological tools. Our research group has described previously that Lasiodora sp. venom produces bradycardia in the isolated rat heart. In the present work, we sought to evaluate the vascular… CONTINUE READING
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