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ADLER: An Environment for Mining Insurance Data

  title={ADLER: An Environment for Mining Insurance Data},
  author={Martin Staudt and J{\"o}rg-Uwe Kietz and Ulrich Reimer},
The rapid technical progress of hardware and data recording technology makes huge masses of digital data about products, clients and competitors available even for companies in the services sector. Data homogenization and information extraction are the crucial tasks when trying to exploit its inherent (and often hidden) knowledge for improvements of business processes. This paper reports the current activities at Swiss Life tackling both problems. In particular, we sketch the design of a data… 

Architecture and Quality in Data Warehouses

This paper adapts the Goal-Question-Metric approach from software quality management to a meta data management environment in order to link these special techniques to a generic conceptual framework of DW quality.

Development of knowledge model for insurance product decision using the associative classification approach

An associative classification model is proposed to develop a knowledge model for determining the best class solution for insurance policy dataset and the finding showed that the type of products could be proposed in a new insurance policy based on individual profiles.

Information systems security management in virtual organizations

This paper analyses the problem of managing IS security in multipolicy environments and introduces a Security Policies Management System (SPMS) that facilitates the management ofIS security in virtual organizations and supports the resolution of conflicts between security policies.



Extensibility in Data Mining Systems

This paper argues in favor of extensibility as a key feature of data mining systems, and discusses the requirements that this entails for system architecture, and describes a new integration architecture for datamining systems that addresses these problems based on the concept of "plug-ins".

The Process of Knowledge Discovery in Databases: A First Sketch

Besides bringing into the discussion several parts of the process that have received inadequate attention in the KDD community, a careful elucidation of the steps in a realistic knowledge discovery process can provide a framework for comparison of different technologies and tools that are almost impossible to compare without a clean model.

Knowledge Acquisition and Machine Learning: Theory, Methods, and Applications

The Knowledge Acquisition Framework, a model-Driven Rule Discovery framework for knowledge representation environment, and Practical Experiences, a guide to knowledge revision.


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The employment of a data warehouse and OLAP at Swiss Life

  • The employment of a data warehouse and OLAP at Swiss Life
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Inductive Analysis of Relational Data

  • Inductive Analysis of Relational Data
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