ADHM construction of super Yang–Mills instantons

  title={ADHM construction of super Yang–Mills instantons},
  author={Tadashi Taniguchi},
  journal={Journal of Geometry and Physics},
Abstract In this paper we study the relationship between N -supersymmetric Yang–Mills instantons on the anti-chiral quaternionic super projective space H P 1 | N 2 and certain holomorphic super vector bundles on the complex super projective space P 3 | N . This is the so-called super ADHM construction. We prove mathematically exactly the super ADHM construction which has been given by physicists. In particular, we consider the monad theory of P 3 | N which generalized the Barth–Hulek… Expand
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Some cohomology elements, called $\nu$ classes, as a supergeneralization of universal Chern classes, are introduced for canonical super line bundles over $\nu$ projective spaces, a novelExpand


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Linear field equations on self-dual spaces
  • N. Hitchin
  • Mathematics
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • 1980
In a Riemannian context, a description is given of the Penrose correspondence between solutions of the anti-self-dual zero rest-mass field equations in a self-dual Yang-Mills background on aExpand