ADAMTS17 mutation associated with primary lens luxation is widespread among breeds.

  title={ADAMTS17 mutation associated with primary lens luxation is widespread among breeds.},
  author={D. Gould and L. Pettitt and B. McLaughlin and N. Holmes and O. Forman and Anne Thomas and S. Ahonen and H. Lohi and C. O'Leary and D. Sargan and C. Mellersh},
  journal={Veterinary ophthalmology},
  volume={14 6},
Primary lens luxation (PLL) is a well-recognized, painful and potentially blinding inherited ocular condition in dogs. [...] Key Method This ADAMTS17 mutation was identified in PLL-affected dogs from 14 additional breeds. PLL-affected dogs from some breeds (most notably the Shar pei and the Brittany spaniel) did not carry the G1473+1A ADAMTS17 mutation, indicating they must suffer from a genetically distinct form of the condition. We also estimated the frequency of this ADAMTS17 mutation in some of the breeds…Expand
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