ACTN3 genotype and swimming performance in Taiwan.

  title={ACTN3 genotype and swimming performance in Taiwan.},
  author={L-L Chiu and Y Wu and M-T Tang and H-C Yu and L-L Hsieh and Sandy S. Hsieh},
  journal={International journal of sports medicine},
  volume={32 6},
Studies have shown that the 577R allele of α-actinin-3 (ACTN3) is more prevalent in sprint athletes than in the general population or in endurance athletes. We examined the distribution of ACTN3 R577X (rs 1815739) genotypes and alleles in the Taiwanese general population (603) and in elite sprint swimmers who had participated in international/national events (168). Additionally, 50 pre-adolescent (age 11-13 years) male students and 38 adult males who completed 12-weeks of swimming training… CONTINUE READING