ACTH-(11-24) antagonizes ACTH-(1-24)-induced behavioral syndrome.


The possible involvement of the ACTH-(11-24) fragment on the stretchings, yawnings and penile erections induced by the intracerebroventricular injection of ACTH-(1-24) in rats, was studied. The results indicate that this C-terminal fragment is devoid of any behavioral activity, but inhibits the behavioral syndrome induced by ACTH-(1-24). This suggests that the fragment-(11-24) of the ACTH molecule may contain or represent an address sequence for brain ACTH receptors and may be involved in the termination of the behavioral response to melanocortins.

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@article{Genedani1994ACTH1124AA, title={ACTH-(11-24) antagonizes ACTH-(1-24)-induced behavioral syndrome.}, author={Susanna Genedani and Mauro Bernardi}, journal={Neuropeptides}, year={1994}, volume={26 4}, pages={241-4} }