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ACOUSTICS OF THE HANG: A hand-played steel instrument

  title={ACOUSTICS OF THE HANG: A hand-played steel instrument},
  author={T. D. Rossing and Andrew Morrison and Uwe J. Hansen and Felix Rohner and Sabina Sch{\"a}rer},
The HANG is a new hand-played steel instrument developed by PANArt in Switzerland. We describe the modes of vibration, observed by holographic interferometry and the sound radiation from the instrument, observed by measuring the sound intensity in an anechoic room. A low-voice HANG is compared with a high voice-HANG. 
Handpan is a term used to describe a group of struck metallic musical instruments, which are similar in shape and sound to the Hang 1 (developed by PANArt in 2000). The handpan is a hand played
Analysis and Synthesis of the Handpan Sound
Handpan is a term used to describe a group of struck metallic musical instruments, which are similar in shape and sound to the Hang, developed by PANArt in January 2000. The Hang is a hand played
Sound of the HANG
The HANG was excited by taking multiple samples of each of a number of striking techniques with the hand, including single strokes from the soft part of the finger, as well as, the finger nail itself .
Modélisation et étude numérique des vibrations non-linéaires de plaques circulaires minces imparfaites : application aux cymbales
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The HANG: A hand played steel drum
The HANG is a new steel instrument consisting of two spherical shells of steel, suitable for playing with the hands. Seven to nine notes are harmonically tuned around a central deep note which is
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Sound radiation from Caribbean steelpans.
Measurements were taken in an anechoic chamber using a four-microphone intensity probe to visualize the acoustic radiation from selected notes on a double second and a low tenor steelpan.
History and development of the HANG
  • 2007
Acoustical Studies of the Steelpan and HANG: Phase-Sensitive Holography and Sound Intensity Measurements (PhD dissertation
  • 2006
Sound radiation
  • 2005
instrument: The ping,
  • ASA meeting,
  • 2000
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