ACO-iRBA: A Hybrid Approach to TSPN with Overlapping Neighborhoods

  title={ACO-iRBA: A Hybrid Approach to TSPN with Overlapping Neighborhoods},
  author={Yuanlong Qin and Bo Yuan},
The traveling salesman problem with neighborhoods (TSPN) is a generalization of TSP and can be regarded as a combination of TSP and TPP (Touring Polygons Problem). In this paper, we propose a hybrid TSPN solution named ACO-iRBA in which the TSP and TPP tasks are tackled simultaneously by ACO (Ant Colony Optimization) and iRBA, an improved version of RBA (Rubber Band Algorithm), respectively. A major feature of ACO-iRBA is that it can properly handle situations where the neighborhoods are… 



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Ant colonies for the travelling salesman problem.

A Bee Colony Optimization Algorithm for Traveling Salesman Problem

  • L. WongM. LowC. Chong
  • Computer Science
    2008 Second Asia International Conference on Modelling & Simulation (AMS)
  • 2008
A bee colony optimization (BCO) algorithm for traveling salesman problem (TSP) is presented and experimental results comparing the proposed BCO model with some existing approaches on a set of benchmark problems are presented.

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