ACB-PCR quantification of somatic oncomutation.

  title={ACB-PCR quantification of somatic oncomutation.},
  author={Meagan B. Myers and Page B McKinzie and Yiying Wang and Fanxue Meng and Barbara L. Parsons},
  journal={Methods in molecular biology},
Allele-specific competitive blocker-polymerase chain reaction (ACB-PCR) is a sensitive approach for the selective amplification of an allele. Using the ACB-PCR technique, hotspot point mutations in oncogenes and tumor-suppressor genes (oncomutations) are being developed as quantitative biomarkers of cancer risk. ACB-PCR employs a mutant specific primer (with a 3'-penultimate mismatch relative to the mutant DNA sequence, but a double 3'-terminal mismatch relative to the wild-type DNA sequence… CONTINUE READING