AC Voltage Reference Based on a Capacitive Micromechanical Component

  title={AC Voltage Reference Based on a Capacitive Micromechanical Component},
  author={Anu Karkkainen and Nadine Pesonen and Mika Suhonen and J. Kyynaeraeinen Kyynarainen and Alexander Oja and Antti Manninen and Nikolai Tisnek and Heikki Sepp{\"a}},
  journal={2004 Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements},
The design and characterization of a high stability capacitive MEMS device intended for an AC voltage reference at 100 kHz or higher frequencies is presented. Preliminary results from a first prototype device show that the pull-in voltage of the device is stable to within 10 ppm over 60 hours. We discuss an optimised device design which is expected to show greater stability 

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