AC Magnetic Heating of Superparamagnetic Fe and Co Nanoparticles

  title={AC Magnetic Heating of Superparamagnetic Fe and Co Nanoparticles},
  author={Anna Beata Lukawska and Zafrullah Jagoo and Gregory Kozlowski and Zafer Turgut and Hiroyuki Kosai and Alexander Sheets and Tyler Bixel and Andrew E H Wheatley and Pavel Abdulkin and Benjamin R. Knappett and Thomas K. Houlding and Volkan Degirmenci},
AC magnetic heating of superparamagnetic Co and Fe nanoparticles for application in hyperthermia was measured to find a size of nanoparticles that would result in an optimal heating for given amplitude and frequency of ac externally applied magnetic field. To measure it, a custom-made power supply connected to a 20-turn insulated copper coil in the shape of a spiral solenoid cooled with water was used. A fiber-optic temperature sensor has been used to measure the temperature with an accuracy of… CONTINUE READING