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ABJM at Strong Coupling from M-theory, Localization, and Lorentzian Inversion

  title={ABJM at Strong Coupling from M-theory, Localization, and Lorentzian Inversion},
  author={L. Alday and Shai M. Chester and Himanshu Raj},
We study the stress tensor multiplet four-point function in the 3d maximally supersymmetric ABJ(M) theory with Chern-Simons level k = 2, which in the large N limit is holographically dual to weakly coupled M-theory on AdS4 × S/Z2. We use the Lorentzian inversion to compute the 1-loop correction to this holographic correlator coming from Witten diagrams with supergravity R and the first higher derivative correction R vertices, up to a finite number of contact terms that contribute to low spins… Expand
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