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ABJM Wilson loops in the Fermi gas approach

  title={ABJM Wilson loops in the Fermi gas approach},
  author={Albrecht Klemm and Marcos Mari{\~n}o and Marc Schiereck and Masoud Soroush},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
The matrix model of ABJM theory can be formulated in terms of a Fermi gas in an external potential. We show that, in this formalism, vevs of Wilson loops correspond to averages of operators in the statistical-mechanical problem. This makes it possible to calculate these vevs at all orders in 1/N, up to exponentially small corrections, and for arbitrary Chern-Simons coupling, by using the WKB expansion. We present explicit results for the vevs of 1/6 and the 1/2 BPS Wilson loops, at any winding… 

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