ABC proteins: key molecules for lipid homeostasis

  title={ABC proteins: key molecules for lipid homeostasis},
  author={Kei S Takahashi and Yasuhisa Kimura and Koh O Nagata and Akitsugu Yamamoto and Michinori Matsuo and Kazumitsu Ueda},
  journal={Medical Molecular Morphology},
Forty-nine ABC protein genes exist on human chromosomes. Eukaryotic ABC proteins were originally recognized as drug efflux pumps involved in the multidrug resistance of cancer cells. However, it is now realized that one of their major physiological roles is cellular lipid transport and homeostasis, and their dysfunction is often associated with human diseases. ABCA1 and ABCA7 mediate the apolipoprotein-dependent formation of a high-density lipoprotein–cholesterol complex. ABCA3 is indispensable… CONTINUE READING


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