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ABBA: Saliency-Regularized Motion-Based Adversarial Blur Attack

  title={ABBA: Saliency-Regularized Motion-Based Adversarial Blur Attack},
  author={Qing Guo and Felix Juefei-Xu and Xiaofei Xie and Lei Ma and Jia-xiang Wang and Wei Feng and Yang Liu},
  • Qing Guo, Felix Juefei-Xu, +4 authors Yang Liu
  • Published in ArXiv 2020
  • Computer Science
  • Deep neural networks are vulnerable to noise-based adversarial examples, which can mislead the networks by adding random-like noise. However, such examples are hardly found in the real world and easily perceived when thumping noises are used to keep their high transferability across different models. In this paper, we identify a new attacking method termed motion-based adversarial blur attack (ABBA) that can generate visually natural motion-blurred adversarial examples even with relatively high… CONTINUE READING

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