A1 adenosine receptor-G protein coupling in bovine brain membranes: effects of guanine nucleotides, salt, and solubilization.


The effects of guanine nucleotides, NaCl, and solubilization on the interaction of antagonists and agonists with the A1 adenosine receptor of bovine brain membranes were studied using the high-affinity antagonist radioligand [3H]xanthine amine congener ([3H]XAC). In membranes, guanine nucleotides and NaCl had no effect on [3H]XAC saturation curves. Using agonist (R)-phenylisopropyladenosine (R-PIA) competition curves versus [3H]XAC, it was demonstrated that agonists could differentiate two affinity states having high and low affinity for agonist and that guanine nucleotides shifted the equilibrium to an all-low-affinity state that was indistinguishable from the low-affinity state in the absence of guanine nucleotides. In contrast, NaCl decreased agonist affinity by a distinctly different mechanism characterized by a parallel rightward shifted agonist curve such that R-PIA still recognized two affinity states albeit of lower affinity than in the absence of salt. R-PIA competition curves in the presence of both guanine nucleotides and salt were still shallow but were shifted far to the right, and two very low affinity states were discerned. On solubilization, guanine nucleotides in a reversible, concentration-dependent manner increased antagonist ([3H]XAC) but not agonist (R-N6-[3H]phenylisopropyladenosine) binding. This was consequent to a change in maximal binding capacity. R-PIA competition curves (versus [3H]XAC) in solubilized preparations demonstrated that agonist could still differentiate two agonist specific affinity states which were modulated by guanine nucleotides. In the presence of guanine nucleotides all the receptors were shifted to a uniform low-affinity state. In contrast, NaCl had no effect on agonist affinity as determined by agonist competition curves in a solubilized receptor preparation.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)


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