A ~ 6100 14 C yr record of El Niño activity from the Galápagos Islands

  title={A ~ 6100 14 C yr record of El Ni{\~n}o activity from the Gal{\'a}pagos Islands},
  author={Melanie A. Riedinger and Miriam Steinitz-Kannan and William M. Last and Mark D. Brenner},
Lithostratigrahic and mineralogic analyses of sediments from hypersaline Bainbridge Crater Lake, Galápagos Islands, provide evidence of past El Niño frequency and intensity. Laminated sediments indicate that at least 435 moderate to very strong El Niño events have occurred since 6100 C yr BP (~7130 cal yr BP), and that frequency and intensity of events increased at about 3000 C yr BP (~3100 cal yr BP). El Niño activity was present between 6100 and 4000 C yr BP (~4600 cal yr BP) but infrequent… CONTINUE READING