A young man with acute renal failure and severe loin pain.

  title={A young man with acute renal failure and severe loin pain.},
  author={Masaaki Izumi and Keitaro Yokoyama and Atsushi Yamauchi and Masaru Horio and Enyu Imai},
  volume={76 2},
The first case of exercise-induced acute renal failure (EIARF) is reported measuring the blood flow and arterial resistance in the kidney by pulsed Doppler ultrasound. A 20-year-old Japanese male suffered from severe loin pain and non-oliguric acute renal failure after strenuous exercise. Serum myoglobin and creatine phosphokinase were normal and urinary myoglobin was not detectable. The Doppler pattern in several segmental arteries showed a slow end-diastolic velocity (EV) and a high… CONTINUE READING


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