A worldsheet theory for supergravity

  title={A worldsheet theory for supergravity},
  author={Tim Adamo and Eduardo Casali and David Skinner},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractWe present a worldsheet theory that describes maps into a curved target space equipped with a B-field and dilaton. The conditions for the theory to be consistent at the quantum level can be computed exactly, and are that the target space fields obey the nonlinear d = 10 supergravity equations of motion, with no higher curvature terms. The path integral is constrained to obey a generalization of the scattering equations to curved space. Remarkably, the supergravity field equations… 

A superstring field theory for supergravity

A bstractA covariant closed superstring field theory, equivalent to classical tendimensional Type II supergravity, is presented. The defining conformal field theory is the ambitwistor string

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A bstractThe tree-level S-matrix of type II supergravity can be computed in scattering equation form by correlators in a worldsheet theory analogous to a chiral, infinite tension limit of the pure

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The N $$ \mathcal{N} $$ = 4 supersymmetric spinning particle admits several consistent quantizations, related to the gauging of different subgroups of the SO(4) R -symmetry on the worldline. We

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The tree-level scattering amplitudes of general relativity encode the full non-linearity of the Einstein field equations. Yet remarkably compact expressions for these amplitudes have been found which

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A bstractWe give a new formula for all tree-level correlators of boundary field insertions in gauged N=8$$ \mathcal{N}=8 $$ supergravity in AdS4; this is an analogue of the tree-level S-matrix in

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A bstractMason and Skinner proposed the ambitwistor string theory which directly reproduces the formulas for the amplitudes of massless particles proposed by Cachazo, He and Yuan. In this paper we

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A bstractIn marked contrast to conventional string theory, ambitwistor strings remain solvable worldsheet theories when coupled to curved background fields. We use this fact to consider the

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We study gauge theories of background fields associated to BRST quantized spinning particle models and identify background-independent algebraic structures which allow to systematically reduce the



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This paper presents a worldsheet theory describing holomorphic maps to twistor space with N fermionic directions. The theory is anomaly free when N=8. Via the Penrose transform, the vertex operators

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A bstractWe show that string theories admit chiral infinite tension analogues in which only the massless parts of the spectrum survive. Geometrically they describe holomorphic maps to spaces of

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A bstractAfter introducing a d=10 pure spinor λα, the Virasoro constraint ∂xm∂xm=0 can be replaced by the twistor-like constraint ∂xm(γmλ)α = 0. Quantizing this twistor-like constraint leads to the

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We describe a theory that lives on the null conformal boundary I ?> of asymptotically flat space-time, and whose states encode the radiative modes of (super)gravity. We study the induced action of

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A bstractMason and Skinner recently constructed a chiral infinite tension limit of the Ramond-Neveu-Schwarz superstring which was shown to compute the Cachazo-He-Yuan formulae for tree-level d = 10

Scattering of massless particles in arbitrary dimensions.

A compact formula for the complete tree-level S-matrix of pure Yang-Mills and gravity theories in arbitrary spacetime dimensions is presented and Gauge invariance is completely manifest as it follows from a simple property of the Pfaffian.

Scattering equations and BCJ relations for gauge and gravitational amplitudes with massive scalar particles

A bstractWe generalize the scattering equations to include both massless and massive particles. We construct an expression for the tree-level n-point amplitude with n − 2 gluons or gravitons and a