A workingman's paradise? Reflections on urban mortality in colonial Australia 1860-1900.

  title={A workingman's paradise? Reflections on urban mortality in colonial Australia 1860-1900.},
  author={Magdalena Castro Lewis and Roy M. Macleod},
  journal={Medical History},
  pages={387 - 402}
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Suburbia and infant death in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Adelaide
Altogether, as a place of education Adelaide falls far short of the mark; as a place of amusement it is hopeless; and as a village — well, it is tolerably clean, and comparatively healthy. Thistle
Bordering on neglect: ‘environmental justice’ in Australian planning
Australian environmental justice research is limited, with scant planning literature on this topic. The Planning Institute of Australia's core business omits environmental justice concerns. State and
Regulating 'mobility' and masculinity through institutions in colonial Victoria, 1870s-1890s
David Rollison shows us that ‘mobility’ and ‘settlement’ operated in a dynamic and dialectical relationship in the past. Mobility, he argues, was a force for social change. Social institutions in
Striving for National Fitness: Eugenics in Australia 1910s to 1930s
Eugenics movements developed early this century in more than 20 countries, including Australia. However, for many years the vast literature on eugenics focused almost exclusively on the history of
Visceral politics: obesity and children’s embodied experiences of food and hunger
It is proposed that central to these children’s experiences of food and eating is the negotiation and management of hunger, and that hunger and obesity in this context were doubly stigmatised, as children were very aware of how their hunger and their bodies marked them as different and disadvantaged.
Little waifs: estimating child body size from historic skeletal material
Child body weight formulae are developed from two radiographic studies that have measured the mid-diaphyses anteroposterior diameters of the humerus, femur and tibia. The results show that formulae


On Child Mortality at the Ages 0–5 Years, in England and Wales
In the preceding reports on infant mortality in counties during 1908 (Cd. 5263), in 241 urban areas in 1907–10 (Cd. 6909), and in Lancashire (Cd. 7511), the chief environmental circumstances
The Social Origins of Illness: A Neglected History
  • H. Waitzkin
  • Medicine
    International journal of health services : planning, administration, evaluation
  • 1981
The social origins of illness remain with us and reveal the scope of reconstruction needed for meaningful solutions in Marxist thought.
Investment in Australian Economic Development, 1861-1900
List of tables List of text-figures and plates Preface Part I. Introduction: 1. The conditions of Australian economic growth Part II. The Private Sector: 2. Investment in rural development 3.
A Boom for Whom? Some Developments in the Australian Labour Market, 1870-1891
The rapid growth which characterised the Australian economy between 1861 and about 1891 has earned the period the title of the first 'Long Boom'. The momentum of colonial expansion was checked only
At the 1914 Congress and again at the 1920 Congress, Litchfield suggested that diarrhoeal episodes were common causes of malnutrition and atrophy in infants
  • Australasian Medical Congress
  • 1905
Infant mortality. A socialproblem
  • 1906
Australian History
  • Australian History
  • 1982
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