A wireless application of drip irrigation automation supported by soil moisture sensors

  title={A wireless application of drip irrigation automation supported by soil moisture sensors},
  author={Mahir Dursun and Semih {\"O}zden},
  journal={Scientific Research and Essays},
  • M. Dursun, S. Özden
  • Published 4 April 2011
  • Environmental Science
  • Scientific Research and Essays
Irrigation by help of freshwater resources in agricultural areas has a crucial importance. Because of highly increasing demand for freshwater, optimal usage of water resources has been provided with greater extent by automation technology and its apparatus such as solar power, drip irrigation, sensors and remote control. Traditional instrumentation based on discrete and wired solutions, presents many difficulties on measuring and control systems especially over the large geographical areas… 
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Providing latest technologies in nutrient management along with sophisticated sensor control will mentor in getting more productivity and profitability in agriculture field by using wireless sensor network along with linear programming and monitoring system.
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This project defines the implementation of an internet driven intelligent and completely automated water management system and software and hardware combined together provide a very advanced control over the currently implemented manual system.
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Abstract Majority of farmers in India are irrigating their crops without using any irrigation scheduling criteria. Consequently, the application of excess irrigation water causes water logging,
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Application results illustrate that system through the embedded controlled technology which makes it complete intelligent irrigation, enhance the agricultural produce and improve soil health by irrigation, the water is used fruitfully and irrigation system automation is achieved mostly in all aspects.
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An automatic irrigation system that switches a motor upon sensing the parameters using Wireless Zigbee Networks and status can be monitored and controlled through GSM based android application is investigated to reduce human intervention and still ensure proper irrigation.
Smart Drip Irrigation System Using Soil Moisture Level and Weather Data
  • Ajit Naik
  • Environmental Science
    International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology
  • 2018
: Irrigation has major significance in agriculture and is vital because of unavailability of freshwater in abundance, use of water resources in an optimal way has been provided using automation up to


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The objective of FLOW-AID is to develop and test an irrigation management system that can be used under deficit, when water availability and quality are limited, and focuses on development of low-power wireless sensor networks for soil water monitoring.
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An automated irrigation computer control system was developed for management of greenhouse container plants and the results show that the control system is reliable in applying water responding to the plant demands.