A windowed Green function method for elastic scattering problems on a half-space

  title={A windowed Green function method for elastic scattering problems on a half-space},
  author={Oscar P. Bruno and Tao Yin},
  journal={arXiv: Computational Physics},
  • O. BrunoTao Yin
  • Published 29 May 2020
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Computational Physics

Multiple-scattering frequency-time hybrid solver for the wave equation in interior domains

This paper proposes a frequency-time hybrid solver for the time-dependent wave equation in twodimensional interior spatial domains. The approach relies on four main elements, namely, 1) A multiple

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On the generalized Calderón formulas for closed- and open-surface elastic scattering problems

This work investigates weighted integral operators instead of the original integral operators which are resulted from dealing with edge singularities of potentials corresponding to the elastic scattering problems by open-surfaces, and proves that the Calderón formula is a compact perturbation of a bounded and invertible operator.



Windowed Green Function Method for Layered-Media Scattering

The WGF method, which is based on the use of smooth windowing functions and integral kernels that can be expressed directly in terms of the free-space Green function, does not require evaluation of expensive Sommerfeld integrals.

Windowed Green function method for the Helmholtz equation in the presence of multiply layered media

The proposed windowed Green function approach efficiently evaluates oscillatory integrals over unbounded domains, with high accuracy, without recourse to the highly expensive Sommerfeld integrals that have typically been used to account for the effect of underlying planar multilayer structures.

A fast, high-order algorithm for the solution of surface scattering problems: basic implementation, tests, and applications

The present algorithm can evaluate accurately in a personal computer scattering from bodies of acoustical sizes of several hundreds and exhibits super-algebraic convergence; it can be applied to smooth and nonsmooth scatterers, and it does not suffer from accuracy breakdowns of any kind.

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The elastic scattering problem, as with every exterior boundary-value problem, must be accompanied by suitable radiation conditions, which reflect the asymptotic behaviour of the underlying fields.

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