A wide-bandwidth W-band LNA in InP/Si BiCMOS technology

  title={A wide-bandwidth W-band LNA in InP/Si BiCMOS technology},
  author={Paul M. Watson and A. Mattamana and Richard G. Gilbert and Yakov Royter and Maggy Lau and Irma Valles and James Chingwei Li},
  journal={2014 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS2014)},
This paper presents the development of high-gain, wide-bandwidth, W-band LNA integrated circuits utilizing a novel 0.25 μm InP/Si BiCMOS process with Ft/Fmax of 330/270 GHz. A 4-stage microstrip LNA achieves a minimum NF of 5.7 dB at 92 GHz and remains less than 7.2 dB (6.4 dB avg.) across a 75-100 GHz bandwidth. The LNA also exhibits a peak gain of 27.7 dB… CONTINUE READING