A wearable ear-EEG recording system based on dry-contact active electrodes

  title={A wearable ear-EEG recording system based on dry-contact active electrodes},
  author={Xiong Zhou and Qiang Li and Soren Kilsgaard and Farshad Moradi and Simon Lind Kappel and Preben Kidmose},
  journal={2016 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Circuits (VLSI-Circuits)},
  • Xiong Zhou, Qiang Li, +3 authors P. Kidmose
  • Published 15 June 2016
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • 2016 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Circuits (VLSI-Circuits)
This work reports an ear-EEG acquisition system with dry-contact active electrodes for future wearable applications. [...] Key Result To validate the system's ability to record EEG, an auditory stead-state response was measured, showing same SNR with wet electrodes and a commercial EEG amplifier.Expand
Dry-Contact Electrode Ear-EEG
The study demonstrated that dry-contact electrode ear-EEG is a feasible technology for EEG recording, and represents an important technological advancement of the method in terms of user-friendliness, because it eliminates the need for gel in the electrode-skin interface.
Impedance and Noise of Passive and Active Dry EEG Electrodes: A Review
Dry electrodes are a promising solution for prolonged EEG signal acquisition, whereas wet electrodes may lose their signal quality in the same situation and require skin preparation for set-up. Here,
A Two-Wired Ultra-High Input Impedance Active Electrode
The proposed circuit reduces the input capacitance of a buffer amplifier while enabling measurements using leads with only two wires, providing a low-complexity and low-cost solution for interference rejection and artifact reduction in dc-coupled dry-contact biopotential measurements.
A 400 GΩ Input-Impedance Active Electrode for Non-Contact Capacitively Coupled ECG Acquisition With Large Linear-Input-Range and High CM-Interference-Tolerance
The design of an ECG chip that facilitates non-contact ECG recording through capacitive coupling is presented, obtaining ECG waves and heart rate in the presence of motion artifacts as well as ambient interference.
Toward EEG-Assisted Hearing Aids: Objective Threshold Estimation Based on Ear-EEG in Subjects With Sensorineural Hearing Loss
It is concluded that although further refinement of the method is needed to optimize the threshold detection rate, ear-EEG is a feasible method for hearing threshold level estimation in subjects with sensorineural hearing impairment.
A 0.8-V 82.9- $\mu$ W In-Ear BCI Controller IC With 8.8 PEF EEG Instrumentation Amplifier and Wireless BAN Transceiver
From the measurement, the proposed BCI system accomplished 84% average accuracy for the binary selection task, and the entire integrated circuit (IC) consumes 82.9 $\mu \text{W}$ .
Wearable, Integrated EEG–fNIRS Technologies: A Review
A concise, yet comprehensive, review of the progress that has been made toward achieving a wearable, integrated EEG–fNIRS system is presented.
A 400GΩ Input-Impedance, 220MVpp Linear-Input-Range, 2.8Vpp CM-Interference-Tolerant Active Electrode for Non-Contact Capacitively Coupled ECG Acquisition
This paper presents a purely capacitively coupled active electrode for ECG acquisition for implementation in smart clothing or furniture, achieving at least 70dB CMRR for up to 2.8V<inf>pp</inf> common-mode (CM) interference.
Development and Characterization of Ear-EEG for Real-Life Brain-Monitoring
The Ph.D. project showed that ear-EEG measurements can be performed in real-life, with dry-contact electrodes, and the brain processes studied, were established with comparable clarity on recordings from temporal lobe scalp and ear electrodes.
Ear-EEG-Based Objective Hearing Threshold Estimation Evaluated on Normal Hearing Subjects
It is demonstrated that hearing threshold levels can be estimated from ear-EEG recordings made from electrodes placed in one ear, thereby allowing hearing assessment to be performed by the hearing instrument on a regular basis.


A Wearable 8-Channel Active-Electrode EEG/ETI Acquisition System for Body Area Networks
This paper describes an 8-channel gel-free EEG/electrode-tissue impedance (ETI) acquisition system, consisting of nine active electrodes (AEs) and one back-end (BE) analog signal processor, capable of recording 8- Channel EEG and ETI signals.
Active Electrode IC for EEG and Electrical Impedance Tomography With Continuous Monitoring of Contact Impedance
The IC presented integrates the front-end for EEG and Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) acquisition on the electrode, together with electrode-skin contact impedance monitoring and EIT current
A 15-Channel Digital Active Electrode System for Multi-Parameter Biopotential Measurement
This paper presents a digital active electrode (DAE) system for multi-parameter biopotential signal acquisition in portable and wearable devices. It is built around an IC that performs analog signal
A Study of Evoked Potentials From Ear-EEG
The outcomes of this study demonstrate conclusively that the ear-EEG signals, in terms of the signal-to-noise ratio, are on par with conventional EEG recorded from electrodes placed over the temporal region.
Ultra-High Input Impedance, Low Noise Integrated Amplifier for Noncontact Biopotential Sensing
A custom integrated noncontact sensor front-end amplifier that fully bootstraps internal and external parasitic impedances is designed and fabricated and ensures DC stability without the need for external large valued resistances is ensured by an ac bootstrapped, low-leakage, on-chip biasing network.
A 1.8 $\mu$ W 60 nV$/\surd$ Hz Capacitively-Coupled Chopper Instrumentation Amplifier in 65 nm CMOS for Wireless Sensor Nodes
This paper presents a low-power precision instrumentation amplifier intended for use in wireless sensor nodes. It employs a capacitively-coupled chopper topology to achieve a rail-to-rail input
Measurement and Analysis of Current Noise in Chopper Amplifiers
This paper presents a theoretical analysis and measurements of the current noise of several chopper instrumentation amplifiers, which demonstrate that the charge injection and clock feed-through
A 1.8 W 60nV/√Hz capacitively-coupled chopper instrumentation amplifier in 65 nm CMOS for Wireless Sensor Nodes
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