A visual analytics agenda

  title={A visual analytics agenda},
  author={James J. Thomas and Kristin A. Cook},
  journal={IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications},
Researchers have made significant progress in disciplines such as scientific and information visualization, statistically based exploratory and confirmatory analysis, data and knowledge representations, and perceptual and cognitive sciences. Although some research is being done in this area, the pace at which new technologies and technical talents are becoming available is far too slow to meet the urgent need. National Visualization and Analytics Center's goal is to advance the state of the… Expand
Visual Analytics: Scope and Challenges
An overview of visual analytics, its scope and concepts, addresses the most important research challenges and presents use cases from a wide variety of application scenarios is provided. Expand
Visual Analytics: A Comprehensive Overview
A novel categorization of visual-analytics applications from a technical perspective is proposed, which is based on the dimensionality of visualization and the type of interaction, and a comprehensive survey of visual analytics is performed, which examines its evolution from visualization and algorithmic data analysis, and investigates how it is applied in various application domains. Expand
Challenges in Visual Data Analysis
This paper aims at providing an overview of visual analytics, its scope and concepts, and details the most important technical research challenges in the field. Expand
Supporting visual analytics in decision support system: a systematic mapping study
Study findings clearly showed that even though visual analytics features might be incorporated on software architectures, there is still a need for further research clarifying means of modelling and representing these features on architectural styles. Expand
Tutorial: Introduction to Visual Analytics
This half-day tutorial will introduce this multi-disciplinary field of Visual Analytics by discussing its key issues of analytical reasoning, perception & cognition, visualization interaction, computation mining, the visual analysis process, and show potential application areas. Expand
Visual Data Analysis
Data Science offers a set of powerful approaches for making new discoveries from large and complex data sets. It combines aspects of mathematics, statistics, machine learning, etc. to turn vastExpand
Supporting the Process of Exploring and Interpreting Space–Time Multivariate Patterns: The Visual Inquiry Toolkit
A visual analytics approach that leverages human expertise with visual, computational, and cartographic methods to support the application of visual analytics to relatively large spatio-temporal, multivariate data sets is developed. Expand
Ostinato: The Exploration-Automation Cycle of User-Centric, Process-Automated Data-Driven Visual Network Analytics
This chapter presents the Ostinato Model—an iterative, user-centric, process-automated model for data-driven visual network analytics that simultaneously supports the automation of the process and enables interactive and transparent exploration. Expand
Visualization and Visual Analysis of Multifaceted Scientific Data: A Survey
  • J. Kehrer, H. Hauser
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
  • 2013
This survey studies existing methods for visualization and interactive visual analysis of multifaceted scientific data and suggests new solutions for multirun and multimodel data as well as techniques that support a multitude of facets. Expand
Toward the role of interaction in Visual Analytics
  • A. Kerren, F. Schreiber
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings Title: Proceedings of the 2012 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC)
  • 2012
This paper gives examples of possible applications of Visual Analytics from the domain of biological simulations and highlights the importance and role of the human in the analysis loop. Expand


Illuminating the Path: The Research and Development Agenda for Visual Analytics
This is the book form of the Research and Development Agenda for Visual Analytics to be published by IEEE in 2005.
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  • Contact the authors at [kris.cook, jim.thomas] @pnl.gov