A virtual-reality-based telerehabilitation system with force feedback

  title={A virtual-reality-based telerehabilitation system with force feedback},
  author={Viorel G. Popescu and Grigore C. Burdea and Mourad Bouzit and Vincent R. Hentz},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine},
A PC-based orthopedic rehabilitation system was developed for use at home, while allowing remote monitoring from the clinic. The home rehabilitation station has a Pentium II PC with a graphics accelerator, a Polhemus tracker and a multi-purpose haptic control interface. This novel interface is used to sample a patient's hand positions and to provide resistive forces using the Rutgers Master II (RMII) glove. A library of virtual rehabilitation routines was developed using WorldToolKit software… CONTINUE READING
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