A view of cloud computing

  title={A view of cloud computing},
  author={Michael Armbrust and Armando Fox and Rean Griffith and Anthony D. Joseph and Randy H. Katz and Andy Konwinski and Gunho Lee and David A. Patterson and Ariel S. Rabkin and Ion Stoica and Matei A. Zaharia},
  journal={Commun. ACM},
Clearing the clouds away from the true potential and obstacles posed by this computing capability. 

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This work focuses on SaaS Providers (Cloud Users) and Cloud Providers, which have received less attention than SAAS Users, and uses the term Private Cloud to refer to internal datacenters of a business or other organization, not made available to the general public.
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Energy-proportional designs would enable large energy savings in servers, potentially doubling their efficiency in real-life use, particularly the memory and disk subsystems.
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FBI agents raid Dallas computer business
  • FBI agents raid Dallas computer business
  • 2009
FbI agents raid dallas computer business (apr
  • FbI agents raid dallas computer business (apr
  • 2009
Large data set transfer to the cloud
  • Large data set transfer to the cloud
  • 2009
Large data set transfer to the cloud (apr
  • Large data set transfer to the cloud (apr
  • 2009
google confirms problems with reaching its services
  • google confirms problems with reaching its services
  • 2009
1. amazon.com Ceo Jeff bezos on animoto (apr
  • 1. amazon.com Ceo Jeff bezos on animoto (apr
  • 2008