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A very short guide to IOI: A general framework for statistical inference summarised.

  title={A very short guide to IOI: A general framework for statistical inference summarised.},
  author={Russell J. Bowater},
  journal={arXiv: Other Statistics},
  • R. Bowater
  • Published 23 April 2021
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • arXiv: Other Statistics
Integrated organic inference (IOI) is discussed in a concise and informal way with the aim that the reader is given the gist of what this approach to statistical inference is about as well as given pointers to further reading. 


Integrated organic inference (IOI): A reconciliation of statistical paradigms
A fairly comprehensive theory of inference is put forward called integrated organic inference that is based on a fusion of Fisherian and Bayesian reasoning that allows a joint post-data density for all the parameters to be sensibly formed without requiring these full conditional densities to be compatible.
On a generalized form of subjective probability
This paper attempts to answer the questions of how to give the concept of probability an adequate real-world meaning, and how to explain a certain type of phenomenon that can be found, for instance, in Ellsberg's paradox, by constructing an alternative theory to one that was proposed in earlier papers on the basis of various important criticisms that were raised against this earlier theory.
Bayesian, classical and hybrid methods of inference when one parameter value is special
ABSTRACT This paper considers the problem of making statistical inferences about a parameter when a narrow interval centred at a given value of the parameter is considered special, which is
A defence of subjective fiducial inference
This paper defends the fiducial argument. In particular, an interpretation of the fiducial argument is defended in which fiducial probability is treated as being subjective and the role taken by
A formulation of the concept of probability based on the use of experimental devices
ABSTRACT This paper sets out to identify the abilities that a person needs to be able to successfully use an experimental device, such as a probability wheel or balls in an urn, for the elicitation
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