A vector graphic CRT display system

  title={A vector graphic CRT display system},
  author={U. Abend and H. J. Kunz and J. Wandmacher},
  journal={Behavior Research Methods \& Instrumentation},
A vector graphic CRT display system for research in visual information processing is described. The vector graphic processor includes a 4K-byte display memory. The processor communicates with the controlling computer via a serial channel. The system is capable of exposure durations below 1 msec, and it allows on-line generation and modification of display files during an experiment. Brightness can be controlled separately for each vector of a picture. A graphic display editor in FORTRAN IV for… 
Contour effects in figure perception
It is argued that these local configurational features facilitated target detection by automatically attracting attention, particularly if they were located at the boundaries of the stimulus figure.
On the generality of logical recoding in spatial interference tasks.
The generality of the recoding effect in spatial interference tasks is investigated by using, first, spatial stimuli with directional attributes, second, verbal stimuli with a directional meaning, and, third, geometric figures without directional information to obtain Simon effects as well as recoding effects.
Superiority of global features in classification and matching
It is argued that under normal viewing conditions global features can be better selected and utilized for the given task than local features, and that this advantage by far outweighs the faster feature extraction of local features.


Interactive graphics for computer-aided design
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Comparative evaluation of computer-based tachistoscopes
Various methods of implementing a computer-based tachistoscope are compared, and a system of callable subroutines is favored, together with a file-driven system written in the host language using the subrouted systems.
Interactive computer graphics