A vector Taylor series approach for environment-independent speech recognition


In this paper we introduce a new analytical approach to environment compensation for speech recognition. Previous attempts at solving analytically the problem of noisy speech recognition have either used an overly-simplified mathematical description of the effects of noise on the statistics of speech or they have relied on the availability of large environment-specific adaptation sets. Some of the previous methods required the use of adaptation data that consists of simultaneouslyrecorded or “stereo” recordings of clean and degraded speech. In this work we introduce the use of a Vector Taylor series (VTS) expansion to characterize efficiently and accurately the effects on speech statistics of unknown additive noise and unknown linear filtering in a transmission channel. The VTS approach is computationally efficient. It can be applied either to the incoming speech feature vectors, or to the statistics representing these vectors. In the first case the speech is compensated and then recognized; in the second case HMM statistics are modified using the VTS formulation. Both approaches use only the actual speech segment being recognized to compute the parameters required for environmental compensation. We evaluate the performance of two implementations of VTS algorithms using the CMU SPHINX-II system on the 100word alphanumeric CENSUS database and on the 1993 5000word ARPA Wall Street Journal database. Artificial white Gaussian noise is added to both databases. The VTS approaches provide significant improvements in recognition accuracy compared to previous algorithms.

DOI: 10.1109/ICASSP.1996.543225
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