A variation of Hilbert’s axioms for euclidean geometry

  title={A variation of Hilbert’s axioms for euclidean geometry},
  author={Hermann H{\"a}hl and Hanna Peters},
  journal={Mathematische Semesterberichte},
  pages={253 - 258}
We propose a variation of Hilbert’s axioms for euclidean geometry which appears to us to be more intuitive, and which supports more directly Euclid’s original approach to the criteria for congruence of triangles. 



Geometry: Euclid and Beyond

1. Euclid's Geometry.- 2. Hilbert's Axioms.- 3. Geometry over Fields.- 4. Segment Arithmetic.- 5. Area.- 6. Construction Problems and Field Extensions.- 7. Non-Euclidean Geometry.- 8. Polyhedra.-

The Foundations of Geometry

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Abstract“OUGHT there not to be a perfect subjective geometry, as well as an applied objective one, the applicability of the former to the latter being a matter to be determined by induction from

Geometry and Empirical Science

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