A validation study on fingernail cortisol: correlations with one-month cortisol levels estimated by hair and saliva samples.

  title={A validation study on fingernail cortisol: correlations with one-month cortisol levels estimated by hair and saliva samples.},
  author={Shuhei Izawa and Nagisa Sugaya and Namiko Ogawa and Kentaro Shirotsuki and Shusaku Nomura},
Several studies have focused on the cortisol levels in fingernail samples as a possible index of cumulative hormone production; however, the biological validity of fingernail cortisol has not been fully established. We investigated the association between cortisol levels in fingernail samples and other biological specimens, including hair and saliva samples, in healthy young adults to determine whether fingernail cortisol was associated with past cumulative hormone production. Participants were… Expand


Associations of perceived stress with the present and subsequent cortisol levels in fingernails among medical students: a prospective pilot study
The findings suggested that fingernail cortisol could indicate stress exposure in the past and a simple and easy self-reported measure could reflect cumulative stress as measured by fingernails. Expand
Systematic investigations of endogenous cortisol and cortisone in nails by LC-MS/MS and correlation to hair
It could be shown that even in only 1 mg nail sample cortisol and cortisone can be reliably quantified, and no correlation between hair and nail cortisol and Cortisone concentrations could be found. Expand
Systematic investigation of the incorporation mechanisms of zolpidem in fingernails.
It can be concluded that fingernail clippings may represent a useful alternative and/or complementary matrix in cases of, for example, drug-facilitated sexual assault or monitoring of constant consumption behavior. Expand
Influence of Growth Rate and Length on Fluoride Detection in Human Nails
Considering the large amount of sample provided by the big toenails, together with their faster growth rate, as well as the fact that toen nails are less prone to environmental contamination, the data suggest that bigToenails are more suitable biomarkers of fluoride intake. Expand
Nail biology and nail science
The nail plate is the permanent product of the nail matrix and depends on the integrity of several components: the surrounding tissues or perionychium and the bony phalanx that are contributing to the nail apparatus or nail unit. Expand
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