A validation study of the Siriraj Stroke Score.

  title={A validation study of the Siriraj Stroke Score.},
  author={Chi Hang Kan and Su Kyung Lee and Clive J. S. Low and Sudha Velusamy and I Teng Cheong},
  journal={International journal of clinical practice},
  volume={54 10},
A cross-sectional study was conducted on 160 Malaysian patients to validate the usefulness of the Siriraj Stroke Score (SSS) for differentiating intracerebral haemorrhage and infarction following acute strokes. Our results indicate that the score lacks sensitivity and specificity. It should thus not be used in epidemiological studies to determine stroke types in a community. More importantly, in the absence of information from neuroimaging of the brain, it cannot be used safely by physicians to… CONTINUE READING

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