A validation study of the Dementia Questionnaire.

  title={A validation study of the Dementia Questionnaire.},
  author={Claudia H Kawas and Jeremy Segal and Walter F. Stewart and Mar{\'i}a M. Corrada and Leon J. Thal},
  journal={Archives of neurology},
  volume={51 9},
OBJECTIVE To determine the validity of the Dementia Questionnaire (a semistructured informant interview) for the diagnosis of dementia. DESIGN Comparison of dementia status determined by a telephone-administered informant questionnaire with the criterion standard of clinical diagnosis established by examination and laboratory studies. SETTING Gerontology Research Center, the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging. SUBJECTS Volunteer cohort of 42 men and 32 women aged 68 to 97 years… CONTINUE READING
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