A validation of a flow quantification by MR phase mapping software.

  title={A validation of a flow quantification by MR phase mapping software.},
  author={Eric Laffon and Nathalie Valli and Val{\'e}rie Latrabe and Jean Michel Franconi and J. L. Barat and François Laurent},
  journal={European journal of radiology},
  volume={27 2},
AIM We evaluated a Siemens software of flow quantification (FQ) by MR phase mapping, in the framework of a common practical use. METHODS Experiments with a laminar flow phantom and in vivo pulsatile flow were performed. In particular, FQ in ascending aorta was investigated in healthy volunteers. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION Flow phantom experiments reveal that the FQ slightly underestimates (8% on the average) actual velocities (mean velocities over a vessel area), and also that velocity… CONTINUE READING

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