A universal water target loading system with direct in-target liquid level sensing.


A reliable remote water target loading system has been designed and fabricated around the operation of a single pneumatic syringe dispenser that accesses one of two water reservoirs, filling one or more targets depending on the system configuration. For multiple radionuclide configuration, reservoirs are filled with 18O-enriched water for [18F]fluoride production, and natural abundance water for [13N]nitrate and [13N]nitrite production. When actuated, the system withdraws a calibrated volume of water from a selected reservoir, and automatically dispenses that charge through a short transfer line to the appropriate target. A second actuation then forces the dispenser to purge itself of residual water by dispensing a charge of helium gas through the same line thus completing the transfer of water to the target volume. Direct liquid level sensing inside the target, utilizing the specific resistance response of water, signals the operator that the target is loaded. For single radionuclide configuration, one or both reservoirs can be used with the same type of water, while dispensing is directed to a single target.

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