A unique pathway of cardiac myocyte death caused by hypoxia-acidosis.

  title={A unique pathway of cardiac myocyte death caused by hypoxia-acidosis.},
  author={Regina M Graham and Donna P. Frazier and John W Thompson and Shannon Haliko and Huifang Li and Bernard J. Wasserlauf and M G Spiga and Nanette Hahr Bishopric and Keith A. Webster},
  journal={The Journal of experimental biology},
  volume={207 Pt 18},
Chronic hypoxia in the presence of high glucose leads to progressive acidosis of cardiac myocytes in culture. The condition parallels myocardial ischemia in vivo, where ischemic tissue becomes rapidly hypoxic and acidotic. Cardiac myocytes are resistant to chronic hypoxia at neutral pH but undergo extensive death when the extracellular pH (pH[o]) drops below 6.5. A microarray analysis of 20 000 genes (cDNAs and expressed sequence tags) screened with cDNAs from aerobic and hypoxic cardiac… CONTINUE READING


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