A unique find of the earliest multicellular algae in the Lower Proterozoic (2.45 Ga) of the Kola Peninsula

  title={A unique find of the earliest multicellular algae in the Lower Proterozoic (2.45 Ga) of the Kola Peninsula},
  author={Alexei Yu. Rozanov and Marina M. Astafieva},
  journal={Doklady Biological Sciences},
The weathering crusts are markers of continental sedimentation. The question of land colonization by bacteria is interesting in itself and studies in this field are rather fruitful. An active role of bacteria in the for� mation of ancient weathering crusts has already been shown and land colonization by bacteria is proposed to start at the onset of the formation of sedimentary rocks, i.e., at the very beginning of the geological record (1-3). In the summer of 2007, within the framework of the… Expand

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