A unified theory of heuristic evaluation functions and its application to learning

  title={A unified theory of heuristic evaluation functions and its application to learning},
  author={Jens Christensen and Richard E. Korf},
  booktitle={AAAI 1986},
WC prcscnt a characterization of heuristic evaluation functions Hhich unities their trcatmcnt in single-agent problems and twoperson games. ‘l‘hc central result is that a useful heuristic function is one which dctcrmincs the outcome of a search and is invariant along a solution path. ‘I‘his local chnractcrization of heuristics can hc used to predict the cffcctivcncss of given heuristics and to automatically learn useful heuristic functions for problems. In one cxpcrimcnt, a set of rclntivc… CONTINUE READING
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