A ug 2 00 9 Restricted three body problems at the nanoscale


In this paper, we investigate some of the classical restricted three body problems at the nanoscale, such as the circular planar restricted problem for three C60 fullerenes, and a carbon atom and two C60 fullerenes. We model the van der Waals forces between the fullerenes by the Lennard-Jones potential. In particular, the pairwise potential energies between the carbon atoms on the fullerenes are approximated by the continuous approach, so that the total molecular energy between two fullerenes can be determined analytically. Since we assume that such interactions between the molecules occur at sufficiently large distance, the classical three body problems analysis is legitimate to determine the collective angular velocity of the two and three C60 fullerenes at the nanoscale. We find that the maximum angular frequency of the two and three fullerenes systems reach the terahertz range and we determine the stationary points and the points which have maximum velocity for the carbon atom for the carbon atom and the two fullerenes system. PACS:62.25.-g

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