A ubiquitous thermoacidophilic archaeon from deep-sea hydrothermal vents

  title={A ubiquitous thermoacidophilic archaeon from deep-sea hydrothermal vents},
  author={Anna-Louise Reysenbach and Yitai Liu and Amy B Banta and Terry J. Beveridge and Julie D. Kirshtein and Stefan Schouten and Margaret Kingston Tivey and Karen L. Von Damm and Mary A. Voytek},
Deep-sea hydrothermal vents are important in global biogeochemical cycles, providing biological oases at the sea floor that are supported by the thermal and chemical flux from the Earth's interior. As hot, acidic and reduced hydrothermal fluids mix with cold, alkaline and oxygenated sea water, minerals precipitate to form porous sulphide–sulphate deposits. These structures provide microhabitats for a diversity of prokaryotes that exploit the geochemical and physical gradients in this dynamic… CONTINUE READING

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