A ubiquitin mutant with specific defects in DNA repair and multiubiquitination.

  title={A ubiquitin mutant with specific defects in DNA repair and multiubiquitination.},
  author={Jean L. Spence and Seth E Sadis and Arthur L. Haas and Daniel Daniel Finley},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={15 3},
The degradation of many proteins involves the sequential ligation of ubiquitin molecules to the substrate to form a multiubiquitin chain linked through Lys-48 of ubiquitin. To test for the existence of alternate forms of multiubiquitin chains, we examined the effects of individually substituting each of six other Lys residues in ubiquitin with Arg. Substitution of Lys-63 resulted in the disappearance of a family of abundant multiubiquitin-protein conjugates. The UbK63R mutants were not… CONTINUE READING
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