A typology of empathy and its many moral forms

  title={A typology of empathy and its many moral forms},
  author={Hannah Read},
  journal={Philosophy Compass},
  • Hannah Read
  • Published 1 October 2019
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy Compass
Virtual Reality and Empathy Enhancement: Ethical Aspects
This paper will examine some of the serious concerns related to the ethical relevance of empathy and will defend the philosophical case for a reason-guided empathy, also suggesting specific guidelines for possible future developments of empathy enhancement projects through VR embodied experiences.
Profile of Early Child Empathy Behavior at the RA Iqra Sabila in Jambi, Indonesia
ABSTR A CT: Empathy is a matter that must be possessed by every person, because it is closely related to moral that is important in human's position as social creatures. The early childhood empathy
When and why to empathize with political opponents
A systematic literature review of ‘empathy’ and ‘games’
Scholarship on the intersection of games and empathy is limited. However, over the past decade peer-reviewed articles have started to be published in this area. This study investigates this emerging
Virtual Reality Not for “Being Someone” but for “Being in Someone Else's Shoes”: Avoiding Misconceptions in Empathy Enhancement
It is argued that the ethical misgivings about the use of VR to promote empathy should disappear and that these projects have greater potential for behavioural change than purely sympathy-focused interventions.
Cognitive-emotional skills and democratic education
  • Hannah Read
  • Psychology
    Theory and Research in Education
  • 2021
A primary aim of any comprehensive democratic education is to prepare citizens for full and active participation in the public sphere. Crucial to meeting this aim is the development of key
CoMAE: A Multi-factor Hierarchical Framework for Empathetic Response Generation
A multi-factor hierarchical framework, CoMAE, is proposed, which models the above three key factors of empathy expression in a hierarchical way and can generate more empathetic responses than previous methods.


Cognitive Empathy
  • J. Spencer
  • Education
    Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences
  • 2020
COGNITIVE EMPATHY 1. A 39-year-old depressed woman was angy on being kept waiting for an appointment and by the rudeness of outpatient staff. It was obvious that her manner had provoked the behaviour
Empathy, Sympathy, Care
Mesurant l'importance des notions d'empathie et sympathie d'un point de vue ethique, l'A. etudie la relation entre la sympathie pour et le bien-etre d'une personne, celui-ci etablissant un rapport
The Relational Value of Empathy
ABSTRACT Philosophers and scholars from other disciplines have long discussed the role of empathy in our moral lives. The distinct relational value of empathy, however, has been largely overlooked.
First personal modes of presentation and the structure of empathy
Abstract I argue that we can understand the de se by employing the subjective mode of presentation or, if one’s ontology permits it, by defending an abundant ontology of perspectival personal