A two-qubit logic gate in silicon

  title={A two-qubit logic gate in silicon},
  author={M. Veldhorst and C. Yang and J. Hwang and W. Huang and J. P. Dehollain and J. Muhonen and S. Simmons and A. Laucht and F. Hudson and K. Itoh and A. Morello and A. Dzurak},
  • M. Veldhorst, C. Yang, +9 authors A. Dzurak
  • Published 2015
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Nature
  • Quantum computation requires qubits that can be coupled in a scalable manner, together with universal and high-fidelity one- and two-qubit logic gates. Many physical realizations of qubits exist, including single photons, trapped ions, superconducting circuits, single defects or atoms in diamond and silicon, and semiconductor quantum dots, with single-qubit fidelities that exceed the stringent thresholds required for fault-tolerant quantum computing. Despite this, high-fidelity two-qubit gates… CONTINUE READING
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