A two-phase model for compaction and damage 2 . Applications to compaction , deformation , and the role of interfacial surface tension

  • YanickRicard LaboratoiredeSciencesdela, David Bercovici, +1 author Hawaii GeraldSchubert Departmentof EarthandSpaceSciences
  • Published 2001
New equationsfor the dynamicsof a two-phasemixture arederived in a companionpaper[Bercovici et al., this issue(a)]. Theseequationsdo not invoke a bulk viscosityasmostpreviouspapershave done,andusetheexistence of the pressuredifferencebetweenthe two phases,including the possibility of surfaceenergy at the interfacebetweenthephases.In this paperwe show how a… CONTINUE READING