A two-parameter deformation of the SU (1|1) superalgebra and the XY quantum chain in a magnetic field

  title={A two-parameter deformation of the SU (1|1) superalgebra and the XY quantum chain in a magnetic field},
  author={Haye Hinrichsen and Vladimir Rittenberg},
  journal={Physics Letters B},
Four-state models and Clifford algebras
With appropriate boundary conditions the anisotropic XY chain in a magnetic field is known to be invariant under quantum group transformations. We generalize this model defining a class of integrable
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Comment on “Minimal parabolic quantum groups in twist deformations" by M. Ilyin and V. Lyakhovsky On a “new" deformation of GL(2)
Abstract.We refute a recent claim in the literature [Czech. J. Phys. 56, 1191 (2006)] of a “new" quantum deformation of GL(2).


Differential geometry of the quantum supergroupGLq(1/1)
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