A trustworthy eWOM in social networks


While making a decision reviews are very important. Being it may be purchase of new product or waiting for a service or to start a new business, reviews are being used. One of the most important factors which we are using in recent world is the online reviews. Be it may be an organization or individual online reviews play a vital role. They are considered as one of most important marketing tool. It can be also referred as Reference guide for the consumers which help in identifying the quality product or a service. These evaluations will generate the electronic word of mouth. In this competitive world even fake reviews are used to promote or discredit a product and its service. Preventing this fake review system has become a new challenge for the organization to identify a quality product. In general these fake reviews we refer to as attacks in review system. For which we use three rescue methods, as generation of token, cryptographic methods and signature method to overcome this attacks.

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