A tribute to Hugo P. Kortschak: The man, the scientist and the discoverer of C4 photosynthesis

  title={A tribute to Hugo P. Kortschak: The man, the scientist and the discoverer of C4 photosynthesis},
  author={Louis G. Nickell},
  journal={Photosynthesis Research},
  • L. G. Nickell
  • Published 1 February 1993
  • Medicine
  • Photosynthesis Research
Hugo P. Kortschak, a shy, quiet Quaker with unbelievable generosity toward mankind; an accomplished musician; and a dedicated, tenacious, and brilliant scientist, who spent his entire professional career working for a single employer in a commercially-oriented research organization, made one of the outstanding contributions to biological science of the past century. With his colleagues in the Hawaiian sugar industry, he discovered the C4 pathway of photosynthesis. 

The scientific development of the physiology of plants in the American tropics.

This paper is a research and journalistic work that summarizes and synthesizes the scientific development of the physiology of plants in the American tropics, also known as the Neotropics. It

List of biography and history published mostly in Photosynthesis Research, 1988–2008

As an outgoing Editor of the Historical Corner of Photosynthesis Research, I present here the following list of papers of historical interest for the benefit of all. The first paper I published was:

C4 photosynthesis: discovery and resolution

  • M. D. Hatch
  • Physics, Chemistry
    Photosynthesis Research
  • 2004
This Minireview provides a brief account of the scene and interesting turn of events surrounding the discovery and resolution of the mechanism of C4 photosynthesis, as well as the recognition of the

Metabolite pools and carbon flow during C4 photosynthesis in maize: 13CO2 labeling kinetics and cell type fractionation

It is postulate that the presence of multiple shuttles, alongside carbon transfer between them and the Calvin‐Benson cycle, confers great flexibility in C4 photosynthesis.

13CO2 labeling kinetics in maize reveal impaired efficiency of C4 photosynthesis under low irradiance

Abstract C4 photosynthesis allows faster photosynthetic rates and higher water and nitrogen use efficiency than C3 photosynthesis, but at the cost of lower quantum yield due to the energy requirement

Labelling Kinetics in Maize Reveal Impaired Efficiency of C 4 Photosynthesis 2 under Low Irradiance

DBM, ARF, MS and SA conceived and planned the experiments. DBM grew plants and 25 performed C labelling with help from HI and LRS. DBM, MG and SA extracted the samples 26 for downstream analyses. MG



I can't believe my luck

  • M. D. Hatch
  • Political Science
    Photosynthesis Research
  • 2004
The author gives an account of his life and work in scientific research and some reminiscences and some unsolicited advice.

Voyager gives spectacular details on Jupiter

When the Romans named Jupiter after the king of the gods, they were closer to the mark than they knew. From a cosmic perspective, Jupiter is undisputed lord of the planets. Adding up all the mass in

Accumulation and Transformation of Sugars in Sugar Cane Stalks.

Previous studies by Hartt (4) and Bieleski (1) on the accumulation and transformation of sugars in sugar cane stalks have demonstrated the intercon- version of glucose and fructose, and the formation

Photosynthetic carbon monoxide metabolism by sugarcane leaves

The Sugarcane Plant

Photosynthesis and Plant Productivity.

Calvin-type carbon dioxide fixation in sugarcane stalk parenchyma tissue.

Photosynthesis by sugar cane fed radioactive carbon dioxide

  • Proc Haw Acad Sci
  • 1954

Arginine: Its role in sugarcane growth

  • Haw Planters'
  • 1964